Flex Grid Course

This course was created to help users of our popular Flex Grid algorithm for the MT5 platform. It is aimed at people who have already purchased Flex Grid and are looking to get set up quickly.

You might also find the course interesting if you have heard about Flex Grid and are considering purchasing it. The course will help you to understand the potential performance of the algorithm and the risks involved in algorithmic trading. You’ll also see a mixture of live and demo account results.

Flex Grid Course

6 Videos


This course covers everything you need to know including:

  1. Introduction
  2. Installing Flex Grid in MT5
  3. Changing settings in the algo
  4. Saving files as .set files to be loaded again later
  5. Back-Testing the Algo in the MT5 Strategy Tester
  6. Forward Testing on Demo and small Live accounts
  7. How to run Flex Grid Live, changing settings and managing open trades


To run Flex Grid, you’ll need:

  1. Good, stable internet connection
  2. A VPS server
  3. A device to connect to the VPS remotely (A pc or laptop)
  4. A trade account with a broker that provides MetaTrader 
  5. This course!
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